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Letter to Aspirants

There is no dearth of content for public administration preparation for the civil services examination. But, the availability of material does not ipso-facto guarantee you success in the multi-tiered examination. Having gone through the entire examination cycle multiple times,we have a fair measure of what does and what does not work for this examination

In our humble opinion, large amount of material floating around for the subject aids to the confusion and diffused focus while attempting the paper. Aspirants fail to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In that spirit, we intend to take a slightly different approach in sharing the study material. We would start with posting content for public administration optionals by answering questions which appeared for this optionals from 1979 onwards for the CS(Main) examination. This is unlike the traditional way of teaching the topics first and then seeing the question banks and attempting to solve them.

If one goes through the posted content, one would have eventually have gone through the entire question set that ever appeared for the optional paper. Combine that with time bound answer writing sessions for the subject and soon you would find yourself adequately prepared to handle whatever the CS(Main) Examination will throw at you.

We intend to gradually increase coverage to GS-I/GS-II/GS-III/GS-IV/Essay papers for the CS(Main) Examination. The focus would be on providing quality content and complete coverage for CS(Main) Examination in the aforesaid subjects.

Stay tuned for the upcoming contents !

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